March 2015 Update!

by A. Journey

Oh, you guys thought I forgot about this old thing, didn’t you? You probably assumed I fell off the face of the Earth when I didn’t post my top 10 movies of  last year (or when I didn’t even live tweet the Oscars). Nope, I’m still alive, and the truth is I didn’t forget about A.Movie.Journey. My energy has just been focused elsewhere. While this blog will be here for life/career updates in the future, I’m moving my film-viewing journey/reviews to this awesome new place my friend Mwita introduced me to. It’s called Letterboxd.

When I started A.Movie.Journey, I wanted to use it as a way to keep track of the movies that I saw, and Letterboxd does just that. You can keep a film diary, write reviews, create lists (oh those sweet sweet lists), and the coolest thing is that you can follow other people to see what they’ve been watching. So if you want to check out my top 10 movies of last year, or see what movies I’ve seen recently, go follow me here. It’s very cool. Letterboxd, I’ll be waiting for your check in the mail…

As far as life updates:

For those who used to check out my reviews from time to time, I definitely still enjoy writing, and I’ll still have this blog for longer, thought-out critical analysis (when the urge hits, of course). Letterboxd is great for quick takes, though. I look forward to interacting with everyone at my new home, and as Pete Holmes always says, keep it crispy!