A.Movie.Journey’s 2014 Oscar Picks

by A. Journey

That time is upon us once again! I’ll be live tweeting the Oscars this weekend, but to tide you over until then, I’d like to share with you my picks for this year’s Academy Awards. This isn’t a list of who I think will win, though; this is who I’ll be rooting for all night. Follow me @JourneyAustin during the telecast, and if you want to livetweet, too, use #AMovieJourney. 

Just a note: If you read my “Best of” post, you saw that I was still behind in some of my film-watching. I’ll have you know that after seeing Her, I think I’d have to put that at the top of my favorite films from 2013. I dig the future/A.I. stuff, sure, but it’s a really great story that examines what exactly “relationships” are, and it was just beautiful.

So, without further ado…

Picture:  Her

Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Actress: Sandra Bullock

Supporting Actor: Jonah Hill

Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Director: Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity)

Original Screenplay: Spike Jonze (Her)