The Best of 2013

by A. Journey

Since Oscar nominations are coming out tomorrow, I figured it was time to dig up the old blog and share my favorite movies of last year. Feel free to look back at my 2011 and 2012 lists. Here we go!

1. Spring Breakers

2. Don Jon

3. Stoker

4. Gravity

5. Iron Man 3

Lot of great films this year. Spring Breakers might be one of the most underrated, dismissed movies of 2013, but I loved it. I referred to it as a”disturbing satire… a mix of Scarface, Sugar & Spice, Call of Duty, and Girls Gone Wild.” Stoker was the other art-house flick. Moody and atmospheric (with an amazing soundtrack), it was beautifully shot and had some of the best editing of the year, almost as good as Don Jon. This was JGL’s directorial debut and it was ridiculously fun. The editing makes the humor in the movie, which is a pseudo-romantic-comedy about sex addiction and finding love, and you’ve got to see it. Gravity and Iron Man 3  round out my “Best-of List.” Considering the box office returns for both movies, I’m sure you’ve seen them, and so you know why they’re on here.

Honorable Mentions
About Time
Dark Skies
Saving Mr. Banks
The Wolf of Wall Street
World War Z

Movies Still Unseen
When I put up my top movies last year, I had yet to see Django Unchained. If I had, it probably would have made the list. Here are a few I’m really excited about but haven’t been able to see yet:

American Hustle
You’re Next

I’ll be posting an Oscar Nominations Reaction tomorrow, and be sure to follow @JourneyAustin and @BrookeMatson when we live tweet the Oscars come March! Until then, I leave you with this, a song from one of the best film scenes of the year: